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Light and Shadow

Our Mission

To improve and enhance both live and work environments through designed illumination and artistic vision.

We do not sell lighting fixtures. This allows us to fully focus on the design and to specify the right product for the application, and project requirements. While based just outside of San Antonio in Boerne, Texas, we can work remotely and on-site both locally and nationally.

We offer project consultation, complete design services, and control design for both commercial and residential applications. Our team provides accurate and detailed construction documents that are fully prepared for use in the construction process. Our product specifications include light fixture schedules and detailed submittal sheets. We can provide realistic 3D light renderings, with precise calculations, and lighting analysis to ensure accurate measurements, spacing, and fixture types.


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Moss Lighting Designer

The Designer


Establishing mmossdesign on the foundations of passion and integrity, Mike Moss is a respected Architectural Lighting Designer with over 23+ years of experience delivering clients what they value the most: ambiances that are as functional as they are influential. To date, Mike brings an extensive background involving dimensional visualization, green energy saving,

code compliance, and the art of leveraging synergetic illuminations to optimize a space's aesthetics, efficiency, and function. Applying this to every mmossdesign initiative, Mike enjoys exceeding expectations and improving property values while ensuring his clients feel confident as they navigate the design-to-development process.


Based in San Antonio, Texas; Mike is a naturally creative artist who was drawn to the medium of light early on. Part of this stems from his innate sense of art and design, part from his attention to detail that compels an ability to paint with light, and part from his understanding that value-aligned designs can significantly enhance our overall quality of life. This became the catalyst for Mike to study Art at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith, concentrating on fine arts, studio arts, and painting. During this time, Mike also received merit scholarships for his work to both the Chicago Art Institute and the San Francisco Art Institute, which he respectfully declined to begin his progression as a full-time artist. Over the next several years, Mike developed collections for public and private sectors, a trajectory he delved into deeply before spending the next two decades embracing the application of designed lighting and advanced lighting technologies.


From large-scale commercial designs, residential lighting control to architectural interventions, Mike is an adept artist and lighting design expert who is ardent about creating spaces that others can truly be proud to call their own. Additionally, he is passionate about unlocking his clients' unique versions of success and demonstrates that by delivering them beautiful yet functional designs that represent their projects in the best light. This, in conjunction with his keen ability to cultivate prototypes from a subjective lens and high pedestal of quality, commitment, and professionalism, is what gives mmossdesign clients the confidence they are working alongside someone who truly values their results just as much as they do.


To Mike, his client's satisfactions are his successes, and he continuously stays updated with the transient lighting trends and innovations in green technologies. Also, Mike holds core interests in conserving nature, natural waters, and is a firm supporter of women's rights and female empowerment. Overall, Mike knows that the path to better business and community futures starts by instilling positive impacts today, and understands that the best outcomes across all facets come from the formation of strong, shared-value partnerships.

Lighting Plan

We follow and adhere very closely to the same phases of the architects on a project, which allows for the best in communication, teamwork, overall creativity, and ultimately the best in the finished project. 

These phases include:

  • Schematic Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Documents

  • Construction Administration

On a project, we prefer to be involved as early as the Schematic Design Phase where concepts and ideas start to arise that could affect changes in the design to achieve the desired effect. 

We also offer hourly services at any point in your project, including point-by-point calculations, parking lot layouts, custom fixture design, emergency lighting systems, fixture spacings & general recommendations.

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